Leaders recognise investing in increasing their soft skills and Emotional Intelligence is the best investment to increase their income.

What do others Globally say....


 Project Manager at Arcadis

My skills of Collaboration, Integrity, Good Communication and Accountability have been enhanced through Sarah’s Global Executive Leaders Program.    


Marketing Manager at HollySys (Asia Pacific)

This program helps me with many leadership skills, like:

•Rethink my goals;


•Coaching skills such as how to build creditability, how to build rapport.

•Emotion control;

•Time management


Marketing Executive at Skipper Limited

The Global Executive Leaders Program has enhanced my skills of

Time management skills, teamwork, decision making, problem-solving and communication skills, 


Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, Training Instructor

The skills to be able to relate with the others and to be more confident in my communication abilities have grown.


Regional Manager - Channel Sales from SPACIFII Decor

I am now more open to receiving suggestion and respecting other's perspective. I find merit in others.

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