Role Models

When you are searching for a purpose, it can be hard to juggle family and career. 

Influential Leader Podcast #1’s Influential Leader is a mum who has come from being a corporate in the UK at BP Oil to then crossing over and deciding to be a stay-at-home mum UNTIL she changed her mind. Anne McKeown is an expert in empowering women in speaking up and showing up, personally and professionally. In this podcast, she shares a small part of her amazing journey towards becoming an influential leader and choosing to be the role model she wanted to “show up” as.

Unlocking the potential and performance in your team begins with role modelling. 

People in your organisation are role models, in fact, you are most likely a role model for others. 

Role Modelling happens when specific attributes, values, attitude, skills, and behaviours are respected by others. Good or bad, they begin to emulate these attributes. 

Are you a positive or negative role model?

Role modelling is a powerful technique for your leaders to pass on knowledge, skills, and values in your organisation. 

During the Influential Leader coaching program, role modelling was the module participants found they needed the most work but also could make the quickest and greatest impact in their careers.

Participants used our trusted Role Model analysing tool to ascertain where they were and how to get to where they want to be and how they would like to be perceived in their organisation.

Becoming aware of your own behaviour at work and the attitude you have in particular situations is the first step in becoming an effective role model.

By analysing your own performance as a role model, individuals can improve their personal performance and team performance. 

When you begin to design how you are perceived then you can begin to change outcomes. 

The benefits of taking the steps to analyse how you are being perceived and then learning how you can change and make an impact are enormous.

Watch episode #1 of the INFLUENTIAL LEADER podcast with our guest Anne Mckeown

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