Sarah is not your average Leadership Expert. Her vision is to transform the way organizations think and behave, by creating a world of thoughtful leaders. With her unique approach to understanding human behavior, Sarah makes learning about communication, emotional intelligence, and behavior style not only fun but also relatable. By the end of her sessions, you'll be equipped to empower your team and positively impact your organization's culture.

As the founder of the Influential Leader program and a curator of conversation, Sarah has helped some of Australia's most successful brands navigate their organizations to become a place where talent thrives. Her clients include SCLAA, QSL, Western Sydney University, and Ryde City Council, to name a few.

Sarah is a regular panel moderator for SIPBN's events and CMRC multicultural business expos, and she's a sought-after keynote speaker for WSU's Careers and Professional Conference and the Parramatta Business Forum. Her conference presentations are engaging, professional, and practical, leaving audiences with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and how to apply themselves better to get the best out of their staff, leading to profitable growth.

Sarah is a phenomenal speaker who addresses the key topics and concerns of any audience with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm. Her impact is exceptional, and her learning takeaways are enriching. With her help, you can create a workforce of Influential Leaders who can solve real problems and improve your organization's economics and culture.

In short, Sarah is a highly experienced Leadership Expert who works with leaders in a multitude of industries to empower their teams and create a world of thoughtful leaders. Her approach is unique, her presentations are engaging, and her impact is exceptional. If you're looking to transform your organization and become a more effective leader, Sarah is the expert you need.

While the Leadership is a serious matter, the fun you can have makes learning experience surprising, challenging AND enjoyable.

Sarah has developed a suite of tools to educate improvements in leadership for organisations to be able to leave behind a legacy that impacts the way business is conducted.

Sarah’s life has been dedicated to empower others by growing emotional intelligence in people, encouraging them to believe in themselves and inspire them to achieve more.

This knowledge and change are the foundation in the Global Leaders coaching program – Influential Leaders designed for ambitious, talented managers of teams.

Sarah is a founding Board Member for The Fair Fight Foundation - the charity behind Supertee providing medical garments to Australia’s sickest children and currently holds seats on the Board for Kick360 and founding board member for Crypto Academy.

A qualified NLP practitioner, Timeline therapist, DISC accredited and GPI Partner. Sarah helps leaders in organisations to prepare themselves and their team to grow the bottom line by developing key leadership strategies.

Sarah is the founder of “The Influential Leaders” program, she developed it in a neuro lab whilst testing brainwave patterns for cohesiveness and emotional intelligence. Helping managers to identify the real issues in leading a team and understanding their team members.

Sarah Morgan


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