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“Our integrated patented technology and Breakthrough training significantly enhances personal performance and team productivity of leading organisations.

Sarah  Morgan

Sarah Morgan / Leadership Expert 

Why Choose Executive Leadership?

We use patented technology

A great leader has high emotional intelligence. We can now measure your EQ (emotional intelligence) through our unique patented system. Using EEG and your brain patterns, we can tap into your unconscious emotional intelligence and ensure that you are ready to be a Global Leader!

Organisational Leadership

The most successful organisations invest in their most important asset - their employee's. Only by investing in your leaders will you have personal performance and team productivity.

Personal Implementation Plan

Leaders who have a mentor can excel in their career and in their organisation. See how a new perceptive and accountability can help you to achieve results.

 Sarah Morgan

 Co-Founder Coherence Model 

Organisations benefit from their Leaders when they have more awareness of their own behaviour, emotional intelligence and coherence. With our integrated patented technology and breakthrough training, we are able to work with leaders to significantly enhance performance and resilience so that their teams are productive and engaged.

The 9 Must Do's to increase your organisations performance and team productivity.


Outcomes a person acquires from a Breakthrough includes: Relationship Building, Motivation methods, Personal Leadership, new Communication techniques and an increase EQ.


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